How to write a sincere wedding love letter 5 tips

Once upon a time, love letters could have maintained a relationship. But now, with text messages and mobile phones, we never seem to lose touch with the people we love. Recently, however, this love letter has come back, especially when you write to your future spouse on your wedding day. If you’re not a born Shakespeare, don’t worry. Most people have never written a letter, let alone a love letter. We’ve collected tips to help you put your feelings into words and make your bride or groom’s heart beat faster.

1. Plan to Exchange Your Wedding Letters

Unless you¡¯re keeping it a surprise, make a plan for exchanging your wedding letters on the big day (or the night before). Do you want to entrust a family member, your maid of honor or best man with the task of delivering the letter at an opportune moment? If you want your wedding videographer and photographer to capture the moment so you can go back and see one another¡¯s reactions, clue them in too.

Writing your wedding letter to your bride or groom the day of or the night before may also be the best way to make sure you don¡¯t overthink it. Trust a writer on this: if you¡¯re truly wrapped up in your emotions, the words will flow right out onto the page. It¡¯s also a nice way to force yourself to slow down in the whirlwind leading up to a walk down the aisle.

2. Write Your Wedding Letter on Fancy Stationery

Beyond the emotional, the sensory experience of writing your wedding letter should be an extraordinary one. Think of this as the perfect reason to go all out on beautiful paper and a high-quality pen. And don¡¯t worry if you¡¯re splurging on a stationary set. You can save the remaining pieces for more love letters in the future. Whether it¡¯s an annual letter written on anniversaries, or something written in celebration of a new home, new baby or another exciting milestone, ongoing love letters are a tradition worth considering Cheap Jewelry Stores. In the age of fleeting text messages, a lasting love note is unmatched when it comes to romance.

3. Make Your Love Letter Different From Your Wedding Vows

If you¡¯re already planning to write your own wedding vows, writing a wedding love letter may seem redundant. There is one key difference, however, that can make your wedding letter unique: it¡¯s your place to share absolutely everything that¡¯s on your mind. The good and bad, your hopes and fears, silly inside jokes, and¡ªbest of all¡ªthe sexy stuff that would make your grandmother¡¯s hair catch on fire. This is your chance to drop the filter and let it all out. After all, that¡¯s the essence of a great love letter¡ªunrestrained passion.

4. Tell an Untold Tale

Writer¡¯s block? Everyone¡¯s been there. If you’re struggling over a blank page, maybe think of some small story that you¡¯ve never told your to-be spouse. How about the time you broke your arm when you were eight trying to skateboard down the neighbor¡¯s driveway? What about that angsty poem you had published in the local paper? Anything that reveals insider info that¡¯s cute, embarrassing or endearing is sure to bring a smile to your bride or groom¡¯s face. And bring them that much closer to you.

Another idea is to retell a favorite moment between the two of you¡ªpurely from your point of view. Your first date or first, ¡°I love you¡± is a great place to start but diving deeper can make an even more amazing wedding letter. Think about the moment you knew they were the One and see if that doesn¡¯t get your pen moving.

5. Let the Real You Shine Through

Above all else, be yourself. Ditch the flowery language and write as naturally as possible. Capture what your spouse loves most about your voice and let that come through.

The best advice is not to think too too too about it. Write like you will will speak-in fact, read a draft of your letter or record yourself and transcribe it to keep thing natura l. May doodle a little picture to o’r your words. Make this wedding day day keepsake as unique and personal, and last as long as your wedding ring.

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